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0. Setup Python  ex. into C:\Python310 with PATH settled (select this flag via installation process)

1.Setup tgeraser
pip install tgeraser

2. Create credentials.yml file, for example:

  api_id: 123456
  api_hash: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  - session_name: John
    user_phone: +xxxxxxxxxxx

the hash and id got from: https://my.telegram.org/auth?to=apps

3. run and follow instructions (instead C:\PRJ\TELEGRAM\eraser\credentials.yml put yours path for credentials.yml file):
tgeraser -i "C:\PRJ\TELEGRAM\eraser\credentials.yml"

If you want to delete from all the chats and dialogs:
1. find file with extention *.session
tgeraser session "Name Surname" -w

One alternative way is: