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1. Setup LightBlue App on your mobile phone,
2. Encode your WiFi hotspot name and password into Protobuf on https://www.protobufpal.com/
Protobuf definition:
syntax = "proto3";

message wifi_connect_v1 {
    string service = 1;
    string password = 2;
Decoded Message:
  "service": "mywifi",
  "password": "mypwdgood"
Press the button 'Encode' (see the picture below) and copy hex value (in example it is: 0a066d797769666912096d79707764676f6f64)

3. Open LightBlue and connect to your hotspot via BLE (before press bluetooth button on hotspot + on rear side with stick for 5 sec to see LED become blue):

4.Navigate to services and choose WiFi Connect (UUID: 398168aa-0111-4ec0-b1fa-171671270608)

5. Write the hex value there:

6. Reconnect Helum miner to power, switch to bluetooth again, check the connection by reading WiFi SSID- readable value shoud not be empty

7. Enjoy