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BLE5-Stack User’s Guide


Simple Stream Server service


central_bidirectional_audio project is a modified version of simple_central from the BLE5-Stack component of the CC26x2 SDK.

The central project was slightly modified to:

  • Automatically connect to the audio peripheral based on the peripheral's advertisement data.
  • Transmit and receive voice streams using the TI VoGP audio_profile_dle
  • Encode a voice stream from a microphone/line in on the CC3200AUDBOOST.
  • Decode a voice stream and output to headphone/line out on CC3200AUDBOOST.
  • Stream audio data with IMA-ADPCM or mSBC codec using the Data Length Extension feature
  • TI Voice Profile (VoGP) A custom TI’s GATT profile implementation in the BLE5-Stack to transmit voice frames.
  • Voice over HID (Human Interface Device) over GATT Profile (VoHoGP) A HID over GATT Profile (HoGP) implementation in the BLE5-Stack to transmit voice frame via HID reports
TI Resource Explorer - look for Examples! http://dev.ti.com/tirex/explore
ST : video voice via bluetooth low energy (BlueVoice voice streaming over Bluetooth low energy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDnxRqPwGEw