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Обновился Em:Blocks до версии 2.30
- Add: Ticket#171 - EIX (Emblocks Intermediate Exchange) importer plugin with Mbed.org support
- Add: Ticket#172 - Upgrade ARM libraries to newlib_nano-2.1 and newlib-2.0.1 (last 4.7.3 release)
- Add: Ticket#165 - STlinkGDB STM32F042C6 (ID 0x445) support
- Bugfix: Ticket#163 - DragScroll plugin is not loaded (Version 2.x >)
- Bugfix: Ticket#169 - Compile report would not be created if the output directory contains space character
- Bugfix: Ticket#170 - ARM Keil RlView Compiler C++ files skipped
- Minor fixes and changes.

Прямая ссылка: http://www.dimsoft.com/emblocks/dwnld/EmBlocks_2.30.zip